Everplax – Attractive fencing that is galvanised and PVC coated

Everplax fencing is made from electro-welded and plastic coated wire with a triple selvedge. The vertical (linear) and horizontal (crimped) wires of the electro-welded mesh are both made with zinc coated steel. Plastic coating is obtained through the exclusive sintering process “Galvaplax Process” created by Cavatorta. It is especially suitable for use as decorative fencing in industrial, residential and sports related areas. It’s performance is guaranteed for over 10 years if used in recommended areas. Everplax fencing is sold in 25m rolls on Pallets wrapped in recyclable polyethylene film.

Dia. galvanised core
Dia. PVC wire
Roll Length
Weight per
roll Kg.
per pallet
2.00 2.50 1020 25 25 9 On Stock
2.00 2.50 1220 25 30 9 To Order
2.00 2.50 1520 25 37 9 To Order
2.00 2.50 1830 25 44 9 On Stock
2.00 2.50 2030 25 49 9 To Order

The higher tensile vertical wires provide uniform tension, permitting easy installation and preventing deformation of the mesh. In addition there is a triple crimped selvedge on the top and bottom of the mesh.

HHandy Features,-

  • Unique attractive design,
  • Easy to install fence,strong and long lasting.
  • Easily grow climbers though the fence for added garden effect,
  • Made in Italy, where you can be assured of highest european quality